Harvest On The Harbor


We have been waiting patiently to share this post with you.  Tickets for Harvest On The Harbor; Flavors Of Maine, tend to sell out quickly so we did not procrastinate in purchasing them!  This event was held at the coolest spot- O’Maine Studios.

Every Portlander knows that come fall, there’s a foodie experience known as Harvest on the Harbor.  Not only do we get many amazing nights of delicious food and drink, every ticket sold helps to benefit the Full Plates Full Potential. The mission of this organization is to end childhood hunger in Maine. This is something we touched on before (with our post on Farm Truck Juice) and that many Mainers are working to support.


The event that we chose to indulge in was Flavors of Maine.  We decided on this event because we love tastings, especially of local Maine ingredients.

There was an abundance of incredible food at this event, but a couple stood out because of how their flavors match this time of year- a very important concept in Eastern Dietary Therapy.

Andrew Chadwick of Sea Glass is the restaurant found at the stunning Inn By The Sea a stone throw away from our office in Cape Elizabeth.  Andrew’s tasting had us going back for seconds, ok thirds, but who’s counting? We got to indulge in a dish of smoked duck in a green tea brine, buttercup squash puree, pomegranate, duck fat powder, crispy duck skin and oats crumble.


Traditional Chinese Medicinal description of duck: salty, sweet, neutral and enters the lung/spleen/kidney meridians. Eating duck helps to treat agitation, chronic cough with little phlegm, edema, night sweats and thirst.

Green tea is slightly bitter, sweet, cool, enters heart/liver/stomach/urinary bladder/large intestine meridians.  Green tea is consumed to help treat agitation, diarrhea, difficult urination, fatigued eyes, headache, indigestion, mental fatigue, nervousness and thirst.

Squash is sweet and cool.  Squash enters the spleen/stomach/large intestine meridians. It treats difficult urination, edema, irritability and thirst.

Pomegranate is sour, sweet and cool.  It enters the lung/spleen/stomach meridians. Pomegranate treats chronic cough, diarrhea, dysentery, hoarseness and a sore throat.

Oats are sweet and neutral.  They enter the lung/spleen/large intestine/stomach meridians. Oats are used to treat abdominal distention, dysentery, fatigue, indigestion and spontaneous sweating.

Bo Byrne of Tiqa had delicious lamb and beef meatballs, with homemade pita bread, taziki and pickled vegetables.


Lamb is sweet and warm.  It enters the spleen/kidney meridians. Lamb is used to treat cold extremities, diarrhea, emaciation, fatigue, hiccup, impotence, insufficient lactation, poor appetite, profuse nighttime urination, sore and weak low back and knees

Beef is sweet and warm, it enters the spleen/stomach meridians. Beef treats edema, fatigue, and poor appetite.

Pickled vegetables (vinegar) is considered sour, sweet and neutral.  It enters the liver/stomach meridians.   Vinegar treats abdominal pain, digestive weakness, edema, jaundice, nosebleed, poor appetite and post partum dizziness.

Only Picture of Sam not stuffing her face:


Avery Richter of The Black Tie Co. won our vote for best dessert, and we’re not the only ones who felt this way.  Each dessert was a prefect bite of heaven. We overheard other guests stating, “This is better than sex” (speaking about the flourless chocolate cake) and “This is better than the cigarette after sex” (speaking about the cocoa caramel hazelnut tart).  Since we won’t condone smoking, we highly encourage you to try these desserts.  There was a third dessert option that didn’t get a quote attached to it but we can promise you it falls in line with what was said above!  This dessert was a pumpkin nutmeg cheesecake.



In Eastern Dietary therapy hazelnuts are considered sweet and neutral.  They enter the  spleen/stomach meridians.  Hazelnuts treat chronic diarrhea, emaciation, fatigue, pediatric diarrhea and poor appetite.

Cocoa is considered sweet and bitter.  Cocoa disinhibits urination as well as strengthens and invigorates the body.

Nutmeg is acrid and warm.  It enters the large intestine/spleen/stomach meridians. Nutmeg treats abdominal distention, abdominal pain, chronic intractable diarrhea, daybreak diarrhea, poor appetite and vomiting.

Venas Fizz House had a delicious menu of craft cocktails starting with a “Spiced Old Fashioned”, followed by a “Last Days of Summer” and a “Lemon-Lime Fizz”


The Spiced Old Fashioned fit this time of year perfectly and has many medicinal values.  The ingredients used to make this classic drink is N.E. Distilling Gunpowder Rye, Cocktail Crate spiced Old Fashioned syrup, Owl &Whale Hot Pepper bitters and Dashfire Old Fashioned bitters.

Alcohol (in moderation) is medicinally used for warming.  Alcohol enters the Heart/Liver/Lung/Stomach Meridians.  Alcohol expels cold, moves the blood and warms the middle.  Indications to consume alcohol (IN MODERATION!!) is a cold and painful abdomen and spasm/pain of the limbs.

This by the way was Amber’s first cocktail post partum!

IMG_7569 2

The full lineup for this event was Melissa Bouchard of Dimillo’s on the Water, Troy Mains of Harraseeket Inn, Andrew Chadwick of Sea Glass, Bill Leave and Karl Deuben of East Ender, David Squillante of Shipyard Brewing Co., Avery Richter of The Black Tie Co., Wilson Rothschild of Terlingua, Matt Tremblay of Seadog Brewing Co., Bo Byrne of Tiqa,  Lucas Myers of O’Oysters, Abigail Carroll of Nonesuch Oysters, Jackson Yordon of Salt & Honey, Seacoast Coffee, The Marshmallow Cart, Cape Whoopies, and Venas Fizz House.

As always we overindulged, but the great thing about being acupuncturists is that we can treat each other the next day for food stagnation at Cape Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

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