The Well at Jordan’s Farm


We have accidentally created the most perfect “dinner club” and it all started at The Well.  We had a reservation for 10 people in a gazebo.  When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by Randi and hung out by the crackling fire until our table was ready.

Once we were seated we started with some wine which is BYOB at The Well- how great is that!  Everyone brought their favorites so there was quite a mixture of rosé/red/white wines and classically some Bissell Brothers beer.

We need to rave about the gazebo first.  So, the table with “The Well” carved into it (seen above) is absolutely stunning.  The perfect wild flowers in a mason jar, again stunning!  The option for your own music synched to the speakers; perfection.  Now we have our new “dinner club” where strangers quickly became friends.  We were loud with lots of stories and lots of laughter which quickly became silent when the food started to arrive.  Our server, Emilee is adorably perfect.  Big thank you to her for her patience and for her herbal bug bite salve.  Remember people, you’re technically on a farm in Maine- mosquitoes happen (Being in a gazebo is key to escape these monsters).

At The Well if you want to do the Chef’s tasting menu, the whole table has to be game.  Which was an easy decision for all of us.  Most ingredients are sourced locally with a majority coming from Jordan’s Farm.  We are pretty sure that if anyone said “no” to the chefs tasting menu, they would have been quickly kicked out.  With the Chef’s tasting, you want some surprises, so it was all about Jason William’s vision.  We did our best to remember the ingredients and give you some images that encompass our phenomenal meal.

Lets start with the house made bread:


This bread is freshly baked daily and served warm in a brown bag stamped with “The Well” with a salted butter on the side.  This bread is beyond incredible and necessary to soak up anything extra on the plate.

Next was the Peekytoe Crab with arugula and roasted peach compote:


In eastern dietary therapy, the nature of crab is cold and the flavor is salty.  This is common in many foods that are harvested from the sea.  Crab enters the Liver and Stomach.    Crab clears heat, promotes blood circulation, the healing of bones and disperses stagnation.  Crab treats traumatic injuries including fractures and joint injuries.  The nature of arugula is neutral to cooling.  Arugula is used to promote appetite.  The nature of peach is warm and the flavor is sweet and sour, in this dish the they were roasted which made the them a bit warmer.  Peaches enter the lung, intestines and stomach channels.  Peaches engender fluids, moisten the intestines, clears heat and quickens the blood.  They treat constipation, dry cough/throat and alleviates thirst.

“If you eat peaches, you will look like a peach.” -Chinese saying (This is actually a compliment)

The second of the five courses was the pan roasted Monkfish with carrots, new potato and a lemon butter sauce:


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Monkfish is warming and invigorates the body.  Monkfish enters the kidney channel and is a protein source to boost fertility.  Monkfish is a great food to eat in the Fall due to its oily property that nourishes dry skin which is common during the Autumn months.  The carrots are cool with a sweet and acrid flavor.  They enter the Lung and Spleen channels.  Carrots clear heat, strengthen internal organs, lubricate the intestines/promotes digestion and benefits the eyes.  They treat sore throat, acne, night blindness and eye weakness.

The third of the five courses was the Organic Chicken with Zucchini and Chard:


In TCM, chicken is warm but this chicken was smoked making it even warmer.  Chicken enters the Spleen, Stomach and Kidney channels.  Chicken nourishes qi and blood which is why it is so often used when someone is weak or ill.  Chicken soup anyone? Indications in which chicken is consumed include diarrhea, edema, emaciation, fatigue and poor appetite to name a few.  Zucchini is cool and the flavor is sweet and slightly bitter.  Zucchini enters the Liver and Stomach channels and is used to clear heat and drain damp.  Indications in which zucchini should be consumed is excessive thirst, edema and irritability (especially in the summer months).  Chard is neutral with a sweet flavor.  Chard clears toxins and heat.  Because of this, it is used to treat abscess, dysentery and skin lesions.  The cooling properties of both the zucchini and chard help to balance out the warmth of the chicken.

Next course was the Seared Braised Pork with whipped potato and cauliflower:


Jason braises the pork, pulls it apart, puts it into a pan so that the fat and gelatin help to solidify it into the shape, then he slices it and sears it.  I’m sure we have skipped a step here, but this is laymen terms not top chef terms.  Sorry to butcher your genius, Jason!

In Eastern dietary therapy, pork is a neutral temperature with a sweet and salty flavor.  Pork enters the Kidney, Spleen, Stomach and Lung channels.  Pork strengthens digestion, builds blood and enriches fluid.  Pork is recommended for those suffering from constipation, dry cough, muscle weakness, fatigue and great for building blood post partum.  Potato is neutral with a sweet flavor.  Potato enters the Spleen and Stomach channels.  Potato is used to harmonize the stomach and moisten the intestines.  Indications in which you would want to consume potatoes is indigestion, laryngitis, tonsillitis, acute hepatitis and stomach ulcers.  Cauliflower is slightly warm and the flavor is sweet and slightly bitter.  Cauliflower enters the Spleen and Stomach channels and used to stop pain.  The most common indication in which cauliflower is consumed is indigestion.

And the finishing plate of dessert: Housemade doughnut with whipped cream and Pot Du Creme (chilled chocolate pudding) with blueberries.


This definitely does not fit into eastern dietary therapy BUT we will argue until our face is the color of the blueberries if that means we can eat it again.

This photography was done by Ashley Scott who is owner of Ashley Scott Photography.  Clearly, she finds perfection in anyone and anything.

Back to the food… We try not to pick favorites and it definitely wasn’t an easy choice but we both agree that the Monkfish is the gold star winner.

Thank you Jason and The Well as a whole for an incredible evening that we will not soon forget.


Amber and Sam


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