Farm Truck Juice


We (Amber and Sam) decided to sneak into Portland on our quick lunch break from a busy day at Cape Chiropractic and Acupuncture. We are beyond excited to tell you all about the Farm Truck Juice shop.  Not only did we get some incredible juices on this beautiful day, but we got to spend some time talking with the owner, Joe about his business and his involvement in the community. The other wonderful thing is that all of his juices are ice free (happy spleen), and he uses juice cubes in his smoothies…plus greens are cold pressed!

First the juices;

Local, Local, Local! Organic, Organic, Organic!  If you want to support your Maine farms, this is the place to go. The two juices we picked, the Good Green Almighty and the Blue Hill (us seen enjoying above) are made with all local and organic produce.

Amber is so happy with her choice of the Good Green Almighty which is a blend of apple, kale, spinach, Swiss chard and cucumber juice.


The temperature of apple is cool, the flavor is sweet and sour.  The actions of apple on the body is to clear heat- especially summer heat which is perfect for this sunny 78 degree summer day!  Apple enters the lung, spleen and stomach channels.  It generates fluids (especially for the lungs and stomach).  Some indications that call for apple are diarrhea, dry cough, fever, irritability, poor appetite, restlessness and thirst.

The temperature of kale is neutral, the flavor is acrid, sweet and slightly bitter.  The actions of kale is to clear the lungs and benefit the stomach.  Some indications that call for kale are cough and stomach inflammation.

The temperature of spinach is cool and the flavor is sweet.  The actions of spinach is to augment the blood, benefit conditions of dryness, clear heat and stop bleeding.  Some indications in which spinach would be useful is acne, constipation, dizziness, headaches, hemorrhoids, insomnia, itching, nose bleeds, red eyes and thirst.

The temperature of chard is neutral and the flavor is sweet.  The actions of chard is to augment blood, clear heat and clear toxins.  Some indications in which chard should be consumed is dysentery, skin lesions and abscess.

The temperature of cucumber is cool and the flavor is sweet.  The actions of cucumber is quenching thirst, relieving irritability, promoting diuresis, clearing toxins and clearing summer heat.  Some indications would be sore throat, acne, conjunctivitis and stomach inflammation.

If we were to recommend this juice to a patient it would be someone suffering from acne, specifically for teenagers with acne on their foreheads.  Amber chose this juice because she states that being pregnant feels like wearing a down coat and with summer heat this juice is a necessary cooling agent!

Sam always chooses a juice with beets, therefore she chose the Blue Hill, which is a blend of beet, cranberry, Maine blueberry, apple and elderberry.

The temperature of beet is cool and the flavor is sweet.  The actions of beet is to nourish blood, tonify the heart, calm the spirit, moisten the intestines and cleanses the liver.  Some indications would be anemia, irritability, restlessness, constipation and insomnia.

The cranberries are from Sugar Hill Cranberry Co. in Downeast Maine.  The temperature of cranberry is cooling and the flavor is sour.  The actions of cranberry is to promote urination, relieves painful urination and strengthens the kidney and reproductive system.  Some indications would be frequent urination, painful/burning urination, incontinence, kidney stones and infertility.

The temperature of blueberry is warm and the flavor is sour and sweet.  The actions of blueberry is tonifying the kidneys, nourishing the blood and astringing qi.  Some indications are poor concentration (A.D.D.), memory decline, frequent urination and anemia.

The temperature of elderberry is neutral with a sweet and bitter flavor.  The actions of elderberry is to release the exterior, clear heat, resolve dampness, tonify the lungs, expell phlegm, promotes urination and resolves swelling.  Some indications would be the onset of a cold with a phlegmy cough along with a sore throat, edema, urinary tract infections, eye infections and skin irruptions.

If we were to recommend this juice to anyone it would be someone with frequent urination or suffering from a urinary tract infection.  Sam on the other hand just wants BEETS and enjoys the nourishing properties of beets and Maine blueberries.


Now about the business and Joe;

The owner Joe is one of two people you will see running Farm Truck Juice, the other is his father, who obviously raised his son right. Not only is Joe using local farms for all of his produce which is positively effecting Maine agriculture and economy, but he’s also getting involved. This fall he is going across the street to the Howard C. Reiche Community School to stock their fridge with juice for the students. He informed us that more than 50% of students in Portland are food insecure which we can all agree is insane for a state that produces so much food. This inspired him to start Farm Truck Institute, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the children of Portland, Maine more fresh fruits and vegetables. Through his website, soon he will be accepting donations so he is able to buy items such as a case of apples to help with this project. Joe told us that he felt the most important thing for him is health, community outreach, and giving back.


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