North Spore Mushrooms

            We met up at the Portland Farmers Market early Saturday morning to enjoy the abundance of fresh food which is basically grown in our backyard.  Many things grabbed our attention and filled our bellies, but one stand in particular drew us in. North Spore Mushrooms is a local mushroom … Continue reading North Spore Mushrooms

Farm Truck Juice

We (Amber and Sam) decided to sneak into Portland on our quick lunch break from a busy day at Cape Chiropractic and Acupuncture. We are beyond excited to tell you all about the Farm Truck Juice shop.  Not only did we get some incredible juices on this beautiful day, but we got to spend some time talking … Continue reading Farm Truck Juice

C Salt Gourmet Market

It's Friday.  T.G.I.F.!!  Amber and Sam thought it was a good idea to end the busy week at Cape Chiropractic and Acupuncture with some avocado toast (seen above) made and devoured at C Salt Gourmet Market in Cape Elizabeth on the outdoor patio.  We opted for the gluten free bread which is local from Alergeena.  The avocado … Continue reading C Salt Gourmet Market

A Quick Introduction Before We Get to the Food

Understanding the relationship between the food we eat and our health is extremely important, especially when you love going out to eat. We know that we’re not the only people out there that tend to overindulge on a night out but now that doesn’t have to be the case for any of us. We decided … Continue reading A Quick Introduction Before We Get to the Food